Welcome to my Sacred Album!

Phyllis "Reed" Ferguson Gardner is my name. I have been writing for as long as I can remember. My writings are about the people, places, thoughts, and experiences of my ordinary, extraordinary life. In my creations, I often remark that there is a "wiser woman" that speaks through my writings. She was been a "spiritual presence" that exists in difficult and pleasant times. I have never met her, never even seen her, but she has always been my non-physical teacher and guide; I was given her name at birth. In the beginning, I thought that my middle name was strange, but as I began to publish my work, it was her name that seemed to identify me best. It is through her presence within me that I have a true "knowing" of the continuity of the human web of existence of which we are all a part.

She is the soul's essence of my maternal Great Grandmother Adams borne into Life as "Cynthia Reed,” in 1847. My Grandson, Thomas Reed, will carry her name, and I hope her spirit, into the next generation. For this I am grateful.

Cynthia Reed's unique gift to me now becomes my sacred gift to you; if you choose to read further, you will discover my most precious moments of presence.

Phyllis Reed